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In his book, The Shape of Design, designer Frank Chimero relates an often-told story about advertising pioneer David Ogilvy. While walking to work one late-April morning in New York City, Ogilvy happened upon a man begging on the street. The poor man held a makeshift sign that read, “I am blind.”

Stopping to drop some money into the man’s cup, Ogilvy noticed that the container was empty. Explaining that he specialized in advertising copywriting, Ogilvy offered to modify the man’s sign in hopes of generating more donations.

On his way home later that day, Ogilvy encountered his new friend again and couldn’t help wondering whether his copy changes had improved his fundraising success. Indeed, the fellow’s cup was overflowing with donations.

How did Ogilvy alter the sign? He added four simple words so that the sign read, “It is spring and I am blind.”

Passersby who had previously ignored the man while hurrying past in the springtime splendor could no longer help empathizing with his situation. It took Ogilvy’s added text to remind them of their own good fortune and tap their inner generosity.

Good copywriting is critical to the success of any marketing project. If you want prospective customers to respond to your call to action, you must connect with them emotionally first. And that’s what effective copywriting does.

Let The Image Group write – or perhaps rewrite – your copy and improve your overall marketing results.

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