Joanna Epp


For Joanna Epp, life is all about the experience.  An avid traveler, Joanna prefers to immerse herself into the culture in order to experience it from a local perspective, rather than just as a tourist.  In business, as in life, Joanna immerses herself in the situation to better understand her client’s needs and goal, allowing her to deliver an elevated branding experience every day.

Joanna is a 2015 graduate of Goshen College, with a BA in Environmental Studies.  She is an Assistant Account Manager in our Holland corporate office and works with a variety of key clients to ensure their brand is Seen and Remembered.

When she’s not immersing herself into her clients’ worlds Joanna enjoys baking anything and everything, especially French inspired treats.  To relax Joanna enjoys reading and playing tennis or catching up on an episode of New Girl or Master Chef Junior.

If you’re looking to elevate your brand experience Joanna is ready to jump right in!