Bob Vidmar


Bob Vidmar considers his father the most influential person in his life. The elder Mr. Vidmar taught Bob an old-school work ethic, one through which hard work and honest efforts pay long-term dividends. No wonder Bob’s customers have remained so loyal.

Bob works in our Cleveland office, where he’s discovered a strange phenomenon: it seems his coworkers mysteriously disappear whenever UPS arrives, leaving him to receive any packages. Bob has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Cincinnati, home of his beloved Bearcats. His customers are primarily manufacturing firms in the northeast Ohio area.

Bob spends his leisure time golfing and swimming. He also enjoys reading autobiographies by business and sports personalities, watching reruns of Seinfeld and The Sopranos, and following his hometown Indians, Cavs, and (deep sigh) Browns. His impressive knowledge of sports trivia is second to none.

As a salesperson, Bob understands that building strong relationships goes a long way. That’s apparent in the faithful relationships he’s maintained with his customers over the years.

Looking for a salesperson with a timeless approach to customer service? Give Bob a call.

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