Brian Grant


When life is moving at hyper speed, it’s important to live in the moment or chance missing out on the details.  Brian Grant applies this approach to all aspects of his life, business and personal.  By putting emphasis on the details Brian ensures that his clients are well taken care of, allowing them to focus on the tasks they need to grow their business.

Brian is a 2013 graduate of Walsh College, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  He is a Senior Account Manager in our Ann Arbor office working with our collegiate clients to ensure their brand is seen and remembered.

An avid sports fan, Brian has played hockey since the age of three and loves to cheer on the Detroit Red Wings, as well as the Lions and Tigers (but not the Bears…oh my!).  When Brian has a moment to slow down the pace of life, he enjoys catching an episode of Game of Thrones or Modern Family, and spending family time with his wife, son and Australian Shepard, Henry (that’s the dog…not the son).

If you’re looking for someone to help you speed up your marketing, give Brian a call.  He’ll be there in a moment’s notice.