Cheri Kinkead


Cheri Kinkead is educated in apparel merchandising and product development. When it comes to wearable merchandise, we count on her to tell us what’s in vogue. So it seems somehow appropriate that she shares her initials with a famous fashion designer, Calvin Klein. In fact, we’ve taken to calling her Calvin around here.

Cheri graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2010. In her role as account manager, she is serious about providing topnotch customer service. At the same time, her constant cheerfulness and infectious laugh keep things lighthearted for her work associates.

At home, Cheri enjoys time with her family (especially her young nephew) and hanging out with her friends. She’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and she enjoys watching Friends reruns and Chicago Fire. Cheri likes vacationing in Siesta Keys, Florida, where she can work on maintaining a year-round tan.

If you’re looking for customer service that’s always in style, let Calvin – that is, Cheri – provide you with trendsetting marketing help.ckinkea