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By Adam Norman

This week, we buried a beloved coworker, Cliff Milios. Cliff worked in the promotional products industry for most of his life. Some people here worked with Cliff for a short time, while others worked alongside him for decades and at various companies. His quick wit kept us in stitches, and his commitment to customer service kept his clients coming back again and again. He is greatly missed.

While gathering Cliff’s personal belongings, we discovered a list of “rules” tacked to his office wall. We can’t cite the source for this list; for all we know, he compiled it himself. One of Cliff’s coworkers read the list at his funeral service, and now we’ve had numerous requests for copies of “Cliff’s Rules.” So, here they are.

Cliff’s Rules:

  • Don’t lie.
  • Don’t be a fool, and don’t believe in fools.
  • Be grateful for everything you have.
  • Free your heart from hatred.
  • Free your mind from worries.
  • Live simply.
  • Give more.
  • Expect less.
Cliff’s Rules