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By Adam Norman

Employee Onboarding Kits That Inspire from Day 1

It’s tough starting a new job. The first few months are often a scramble to understand corporate culture, company values, and what it takes to excel. The transition from outsider to insider is critical to an employee’s long-term success. At The Image Group, we believe great onboarding begins on Day 1 or sooner!

An onboarding kit sets the tone. You can deliver it to a new team member’s home before their start date or give it during their first couple days. Kits usually include a mix of gifts and information about the company.

Here are 5 ways to make your onboarding kit a great investment:

1. Use Packaging That Stands Out

Remember, packaging is your first impression. Inviting, stylish packaging makes an impact. Consider personalizing your kit with your logo, color scheme, and the employee’s name. You can also emphasize your company’s values. If you stand for superior customer service, then make that known. A great designer can help make it special.

2. Include A Nod from the CEO

A letter from the CEO? That’s a nice welcome! If a note from the CEO doesn’t make sense, then have it come from a manager. Personalized notes are a great touch. Consider addressing interests or questions that came up in the hiring process.

3. Add Branded Gifts

Branded gear helps an employee feel like they belong. Examples include mugs, drinkware, bags, lip balms, notepads, pens, and journals. These should be items that the employee will use in their daily routine and around the office.

4. Provide Company Apparel

No one wants to be caught wearing a suit when everyone else is dressed casually. That screams, “I’m the new person.” Consider one or two branded apparel pieces so that new employees can represent your company and feel like part of the team from the first day.

5. Talk About Your Culture and Your People

Most companies have a handbook that covers policies. That’s important, but from Day 1 your new employees should learn about what makes your company special: previous company milestones, leadership biographies, guiding philosophies, and more. Also, consider including information that helps people socialize and build relationships quickly like information about upcoming local events and locations where employees like to get together after work.

Written by Zack Ottenstein, Director of Senior Living and Hospitality.

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Employee Onboarding Kits That Inspire from Day 1