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ethical bidding pledgeTM.

The Image Group understands that our customers expect high quality products and services at fair and reasonable prices. At the same time, we recognize that the competitive bidding process must be free from unrealistically low prices and other forms of deception.

That’s why we provide our Ethical Bidding Pledge on every project we quote.

Leveraging manufacturing relationships developed and honed over several decades allows us to pass on significant cost savings to our clients. That means the prices we offer you are among the most competitive in our industry.

And while we believe you appreciate knowing our prices are low, we also think you’ll take comfort knowing our bids are never too low.

You see, in competitive bidding situations, some companies significantly under price their offers as a way to win your business. Then, once awarded the bids, those companies cannot honor their proposed prices and afford to provide the quality and service levels they promised.

In addition, many manufacturers cut costs by operating in foreign factories with little or no oversight, or by requiring their employees to work long hours at unfair pay and in unsafe conditions. Too-good-to-be-true prices can signal warnings of bidders who intentionally disregard safety and social compliance regulations.

So while we will always be price competitive, our pricing will also be realistic. We pledge that our markups are fair to you, and that our margins cover our costs of properly – and continuously – servicing your account. And we pledge that we will never sacrifice our commitment to safety and social compliance over price.

That’s the way ethical bidding is supposed to work.