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By Adam Norman

They’re called Generation Y, or Millennials, or countless other monikers referring to the newest members of the full-time workforce. Some criticize the age group for exhibiting a sense of entitlement, or for being overly attached to their smart phones. To be sure, the stereotypes abound. But we’ve recently hired some amazing young people who are proving the stereotypes wrong.

The latest additions to our Customer Service team are five hardworking individuals who demonstrate a tenacious work ethic. All toil full-time at The Image Group and attend college on nights and weekends. They’re smart and inquisitive; funny and respectful. They’ve added an exciting new energy to our organization.

Whatever you call the cohorts comprising this workforce segment, or whatever your concerns about this particular employee age-bracket, we really like what we see. Our young team – who we refer to as Generation “i” – is showing ageless initiative.

Generation “i” pictured from left to right: Danielle Bauhaus, Haley MacRitchie, Yadira Gutierrez, Lucila Luna, and Rosa Torres.
Generation “i”