Jon Levine


Good CEOs set meaningful examples for their employees to follow. Among the many valuable lessons The Image Group’s president Jon Levine has taught his team: avoid standing too closely to automated screen-printing equipment, lest it rips off your pants.

Jon is a self-proclaimed numbers guy with an accounting degree from Arizona State University. A former steel-distribution industry executive, his sharp business acumen has made him a leading authority in the promotional products arena. Along the way, Jon has taken The Image Group from a contract decorating and award business to one of the top forty promotional products distributors in the country. His commitment to excellence and high-level service is the driving force behind our continued success.

Outside of work, Jon enjoys traveling (especially to the Greek Islands), reading, and playing golf. He follows University of Michigan football and University of Toledo basketball, and he’s a longtime season ticket holder for both teams. His favorite television show is 24, and he likes reggae music because it makes him happy.

Jon credits his father with teaching him to work hard and cherish his family. In turn, our example-setting boss reminds us to strive for continuous company growth without neglecting time with those we love.

Need a positive influence on your marketing efforts? Jon is a living example on how to do it right.jlevinelinkedin