Lisa Hoverson


You could say that Lisa Hoverson’s life includes a search for balance. As our chief financial officer, she’s certainly interested in keeping the company’s books in balance. As a caregiver, she seeks the work-life balance that affords ample time with her family. And, when she’s not at work, she craves a balance between helping out and kicking back – that is, between nonprofit volunteering and enjoying her hobbies.

Lisa is a 1986 graduate from Bowling Green State University. She knows our accounting system inside and out, and she’s our in-house Excel wizard. What’s more, she once earned our award for the largest order by a non-salesperson.

Lisa serves as treasurer for Abundant Life, an independent-living facility for low-income seniors. She also volunteers with the City of Perrysburg Revolving Loan Fund and her church Altar Guild.

As an alumna, she’s a loyal BGSU Falcons fan; she also roots for The Ohio State Buckeyes and Detroit Red Wings. An avid reader, she consumes the works of Nelson DeMille, Harlan Coben, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Robin Cook, and John Sandford. She likes watching television’s Modern Family and just about anything shown on HGTV. Having once lived in Hawaii, the Aloha state remains a preferred vacation destination.

A favorite quote reminds Lisa to find peace, tranquility, and harmony in every day. Her husband reminds her not to take life too seriously. Personal experience reminds her to live in the moment.

All those reminders help her maintain, well, balance.lhoversonlinkedin