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By Adam Norman

Preferred Vendor Policy

News reports abound about unscrupulous manufacturers – many operating in foreign factories with little or no oversight – requiring their employees to work long hours at unfair pay and in unsafe conditions. At the same time, a growing number of lawsuits result in recalls of children’s products containing excessive amounts of lead, dangerous drawstrings, loose parts, or other harmful risks. The social backlash from these stories affects not only the responsible manufacturers, but also organizations that sell or buy their products.

That’s why The Image Group is committed to maintaining a safe and socially compliant supply chain, one that ensures our company’s values – as well as those of our clients – are represented in all our sourcing decisions. To further strengthen that commitment, we’ve implemented an exhaustive, risk-based vendor approval process that makes certain we choose suppliers that are responsible, conscientious, and ethical.

From time to time, a specific product you wish to purchase might be unavailable from our approved suppliers. In those cases, we’ll make every effort to identify an acceptable alternative product from one of our preferred vendors, or to locate a socially compliant supplier who carries that product. However, there could be rare incidences where we will advise you against purchasing a particular item because we cannot verify the acceptability of the vendor involved.

When you buy from The Image Group, be assured that we’re doing whatever it takes to protect your brand, and your organization’s hard-earned reputation. Our Preferred Vendor Policy is just one step in that effort.
Preferred Vendor Policy