Sara Greenwald


Sports are a big part of Sara Greenwald’s life. She grew up riding horses, has been actively playing volleyball for several years, and recently developed an interest in target and trap shooting. So it’s no surprise that, whatever she takes on, Sara usually wears her game face.

Sara graduated magna cum laude from Bowling Green State University with a Master of Accountancy degree. A CPA with a background in public accounting, she is The Image Group’s Controller and our go-to person for analyzing financial data.

Whether at work or at home, Sara enjoys getting her hands dirty. She’s as comfortable fixing accounting issues as she is tackling home improvement and landscaping projects. Her do-it-yourself successes include building a stone retaining wall, installing a deck, and upholstering a headboard.

Sara’s favorite television shows are Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Big Bang Theory, and Cops. She likes watching funny movies and, occasionally, reading a good young adult book. And whenever possible, she and her family run off to their cabin on Douglas Lake in Tennessee.

A competitive nature, a love of numbers, and a knack for building things: with Sara around, our competitors lack a sporting chance.sgreenwaldlinkedin