Sara Thomas


Sara Thomas has a knack for turning obstacles into opportunities. Case in point: she went shopping for a new purse once, but she couldn’t find a look and style she liked. Rather than settling, she designed and sewed her own. Family and friends were soon asking Sara to make purses for them, and before long she had launched her own handbag line.

Sara’s ability to navigate roadblocks at work earned her The Image Group’s 2012 Rookie of the Year and 2013 Sales Support Person of the Year, along with countless customer accolades.

Sara graduated in 2008 from Bowling Green State University, where she majored in Marketing and minored in Art. She confesses to being an avid – and highly experienced – shopper. When she’s not patronizing her favorite stores, she’s usually busy working on a craft or do-it-yourself project (including, it turns out, roofing). Her television tastes range from NCIS to Gilmore Girls, and from The Amazing Race to The O.C. Her favorite vacation spots are Devil’s Lake, Michigan, and Colorado.

Sara follows a simple philosophy: Live your own life and follow your star. With her talent for knocking down barriers, it’s a safe bet that she’ll fulfill her dreams.

Is there something impeding your marketing’s effectiveness? Put Sara on it.sthomas