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By Adam Norman

Sustainability and the Promo Industry:

How going GREEN can Help your Business

Sustainability is a common buzzword these days. While it means different things to different people, environmental sustainability affects every company large or small. One way to improve your company’s sustainability is through the use of eco-friendly promotional marketing products. Products can be ethically sourced and made from 100% recycled materials.

You may be thinking, why should my company opt for environmentally conscious promo products instead of the great ones we already use?

1. Communicating Company values

The promotional products you choose represent your company and its values. If your company supports sustainability and responsible consumer choices, then the marketing products you choose should reflect this. Rishabh Chokhani, CEO of Naturevibe Botanicals, says that “today’s consumers don’t want to buy a product, they want to buy lifestyle.” It’s all about finding a balance between your company and audience’s beliefs.

2. People are willing to pay more for sustainable products

It’s true. 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, in comparison with 73% of Millennials who would do the same, according to Nielsen ratings. Promo Marketing Magazine even states that, “Millennial and Gen-Z consumers are far more socially conscious than generations that came before.”

3. Most promo items are passed along to others

Promotional products can be repurposed and recycled after their initial use. Research from the Advertising Specialty Institute shows that more than half of consumers are likely to give promo items away to others as opposed to throwing them out when they are finished using them. Promo products produce endless impressions of your company and its message when the items are passed along. This also provides the added bonus of reducing industry waste. Switching to sustainably-made products will make a larger impact and stronger connection to your demographic.

Our commitment to the environment:

The Image Group is serious about protecting the environment and consistently strives to conduct business in environmentally responsible ways. “We can provide everything from apparel to print to desk supplies that are eco-friendly and we offer marketing solutions that further promote the message of sustainability and a happy Earth.”

In addition to helping our customers limit their environmental footprints, The Image Group continuously looks for ways to make our production operations, corporate office spaces, and shipping procedures more environmentally efficient. In the last 5 years, we have retrofitted our warehouse with reduced-energy LED lighting and installed motion-activated light switches in low-traffic office areas. We also donate, recycle, and repurpose outdated electronic equipment, inbound shipping filler, and other materials. Recently, we replaced our silkscreen cleaning supplies with products that are less harmful to the environment, including the use of a Gem-Zyme emulsion remover with no toxic fumes.

The Image Group believes that every sustainable choice (big or small) moves us closer to a sustainable world.

It’s a dual effort…

As a marketing solutions provider, The Image Group can educate others about the importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility. But at the end of the day, it’s really about finding the right solutions for your company. Progress lies within our combined efforts. The issue of using ethically sourced products cannot be ignored. The demand for better and eco-friendly products is rising. As writer and activist Melanie Curtin says, “it’s time for everyone else to catch up, to do more, to get the message out to every link in the supply chain.”

How can we help your company meet your sustainability goals?

Here are some customizable eco-friendly promotional products:

1. Parkland Recycled Backpack

Parkland Backpack

The exteriors of Parkland bags are made with 100% recycled water bottles. This backpack features a discrete water bottle pocket and 13” laptop sleeve. It combines the functionality of a traditional school bag with a simple, clean design.

2. Custom Sustainable Straws

StrawsAt The Image Group’s upcoming Ann Arbor Expo, we are giving out custom straws that support the message of sustainability on campuses. These straws are made from paper and can be recycled. They come in sets of 5 straws per non-woven travel pouch.

3. Recycled Cotton Convention Tote

This convention tote is a great way to show off your brand in an eco-friendly way. The material contains recycled cotton collected from garment-cutting waste blended with recycled polyester to produce a strong reusable bag that will surely turn heads.

4. Glass Water Bottle (18 oz.)

Green Water BottleThis item is a single-wall glass bottle with a silicone sleeve to protect from life’s daily bumps. It has a two-tone lid that allows for ease of carrying. Glass is a green alternative to plastic and requires less energy to manufacture and recycle.

5. 100% Organic Cotton T-shirt


This t-shirt is 100% certified organic ringspun cotton. It comes from a sustainable apparel company that values eco-friendly fibers and focuses on the elimination of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, etc.

6. Recycled Vest

Gray Vest

This lightweight polyester vest is made from 20+ recycled water bottles. It is both water and wind resistant, holds heat well, and can be packed into a side pocket for easy storage.

7. Sustainable Packaging


Don’t forget about packaging your sustainable promo in a custom box. Eco-friendly packaging employs the use of corrugated boxes, which are both biodegradable and made from recycled fibers.

Written by Jennifer Zaurov, Social Media Specialist.

Need help choosing the best sustainable products for your company? Contact us at The Image Group at [email protected].

Sustainability and the Promo Industry