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By Adam Norman

Our new website features bios describing the many unique personalities that make up The Image Group team. For some customers, this feature allows them to put faces with the names of people they’ve communicated with on the phone or via email. For others, it provides added insight into the work experience and personal interests of the people with whom they regularly deal. Plus, it kept our in-house copywriter occupied for a couple weeks (but that’s a post subject for another day).

In keeping with our know-us-from-head-to-toe philosophy, today we’re giving you a glimpse into the various footwear preferences our team shows off on a typical Friday. From sneakers to pumps to boots, the shoe assortments in our offices reflect, among other things, the creative diversity among our staff members.

You see, a great thing about being part of a large marketing team is having the opportunity to collaborate with other highly creative people. Whether our salespeople are sharing cool product ideas with each other, or our graphics designers are brainstorming on a new client logo, there is always creativity in the air here. And what makes us particularly good at what we do is our ability to exploit our matchless blend of differing perspectives.

So, unless Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour offers us a lucrative team endorsement deal (which, by the way, we would sign in a heartbeat), you’ll notice a variety of shoe styles around The Image Group. But no matter what shoes we’re wearing, you’ll always get the benefit of multiple individual mindsets.

In other words, we’ll always put our collective best foot forward.

To see today’s footwear selection, checkout our Facebook page.
The Faces (and Feet) of The Image Group