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By Adam Norman

TIG Talks: Our Email Marketing Solution

In an effort to provide our clients with more growth options, The Image Group is kickstarting an email marketing initiative headed by Director of Marketing Solutions Roni Roberts.

Learn what she has to say about the process.

Roni Roberts, Director of Marketing Solutions

Hi, Roni Roberts here...

Long time veteran in our promotional marketing industry and metrics nerd. I’ve become fascinated with data and metrics to improve efficiencies. In addition to my love of dogs and music, I have an obsession-like quality of wanting to fix things or make the process easier and gain time. I truly believe analytics will change the world!

I’ve witnessed how promotional marketing has risen in ranks to the lead spot among marketers. There’s no better way to become the go-to to someone than through an experience people can personally connect with. Yesterday’s solutions were product driven, and few understood why a product was the right solution or how best to use its power to enlighten, gain exposure, or make an impression.

Today’s solutions are more consultative… designing a plan and curating solutions, with a range of end goals: the obvious… grow sales. But we can drill down to attack specific challenges like client retention, closing tools, along with a host of other business needs. Merchandise is definitely a big part of it, but the approach is more science and strategy. For instance, did you know an average person hydrates every 3 hours or how often a printed t-shirt is worn in a year? Data points can tell us how often a message will be seen by the public or private to the user. Analytics can give us the ability to reach your client with laser precision, to make an immediate impact or create an experience for an enduring impression based on how it’s packaged and distributed.

For example:

End Game : Solution = (Analytics + Experience + Exposure)/Budget (nerd moment!)

Generally, these solutions are developed when there’s a need. But what about the un-realized needs?
How many companies struggle with employee retention? Or need an easier way to address POP displays that don’t require a complicated setup? Enter TIG TALKS.

We created TIG TALKS email and social as an easy new way to share creative ideas, educate the how-to’s, offer solutions designed to address business needs specific to your company in a format that appeals to both left brain/right brain (no spam here). Let me tell you, it’s not easy cutting through the noise and distractions, so our plan is to keep the Video message simple, short and focused. With business moving in what feels like “Ludacris Speed”, solutions should be experience-driven, current, metric-proven, and Easy to order. Unlike the wordiness of my blog, TIG TALKS gets right to it.

TIG Talks...Coming to an inbox near you.

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