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By Adam Norman

There are literally thousands of different fonts, or type styles, that can be used to develop your logo, but care must be taken in choosing a font that represents the tenor and goals of your business correctly. Your logo is often the first impression prospects and clients get of your business, and set the tone for how they perceive you.

Fonts create visual connections in the brain and elicit emotions in the viewers mind. Fonts can present your organization as forward thinking, established, vintage, high tech, and more.

Here are some different font categories and the image they can present:

  • Serif fonts (letters with those little tips on the ends) are considered traditional, respectable, reliable and comforting. Sony, UBS Financial, and Time magazine express a traditional look with use of serif fonts.
  • San Serif fonts present a clean, modern look, representing simplicity and forward thinking. Google, Nike, Microsoft utilize the simplicity of san serif fonts.
  • Script fonts represent elegance, creativity and affection. Cadillac, Coca-Cola, and Ford portray their image through the use of script fonts.
  • Display fonts portray a look of whimsy, unique expression and creativity and personalization. Eddie Bauer, Disney, and Lego have iconic logos thanks to the use of display fonts.

In addition to the font choice, weight, spacing, capitalization, and size can also affect the outcome of the logo.

When choosing a font for your logo think about the tone you want to set with the viewer. As they say…first impressions last a lifetime. Make your impression last, and create a strong return for your business.
What’s In a Font?