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By Adam Norman

As September drew to a close, a couple hundred safety-conscious people gathered for the PPAI Product Responsibility Summit in Bethesda, Maryland. Industry suppliers and distributors came together with government and legal experts to discuss advances in product safety and social responsibility. This was the fifth year PPAI held the event, and developments in just the past 12 months are worth mentioning.

One notable change is an increase in government agencies involved in regulating promotional products. Until recently, tracking promotional product safety fell largely on the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That certainly makes sense as the CPSC works to protect consumers from potential fire, choking, or chemical hazards, among other risks. The commission has a strong focus on children’s products and gets involved whenever consumer product recalls are necessary.

As awareness of promotional product safety has grown, so too has participation by various other government bodies. Agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Environmental Protection Agency have become more active in regulating our industry.

Take wearable fitness devices, a popular promotional product item today, as an example. If an item utilizes a lithium-ion battery, the CPSC probably wants to know whether it has been tested for safety. If the product comes with a health claim, such as helping improve overall health by reminding you that you’re slouching or due for a drink of water, the FDA might consider the item a medical device. And regarding that health claim, the FTC will likely want to see how the seller substantiates it.

With scrutiny increasing, buyers of promotional products must be even more diligent in protecting their brands from regulatory missteps. That’s why we’ve made safety and social compliance one of our top concerns. When doing business with The Image Group, be assured that we’ve made every effort to meet and exceed all regulatory guidelines and social standards.

Your brand is our priority, and we’ll do whatever it takes to protect its hard-earned reputation.
Who’s Regulating Your Promotional Products?